Reba and Pancho's Restaurant

Hours Open:
12PM - 2PM; 5PM - 9:30PM
12PM - 2PM; 5PM - 9:30PM
12PM - 2PM; 5PM - 9:30PM
5PM - 9:30PM

Reba and Pancho’s is a family-run restaurant. A husband and wife team work together to do what they love to do more than anything…..make amazing food and feed people. They draw on years of experience and lots of passion while they cook. Making great food is a labor of love for them. They have established relationships with farmers in the area who bring them the best food central Pa can offer. They know how lucky they are to live in such an amazing agricultural area. Nacho and Bekah are dedicated to sourcing out the best products available and time and time again…..the local stuff is the best!