Homegrown Alabama Farmers Market

Hours Open:
3PM - 6PM (April - October)

Homegrown Alabama is a student-led group at the University of Alabama that seeks to educate students about the value of local produce, as well as to foster partnerships between local farmers and the University of Alabama. One of the great reasons to shop at a farmers market is to know the person who planted, tended and harvested your food. Our goal at Homegrown Alabama is to facilitate relationships between local growers and the community they feed–which is to say, us. This seems important in an era when, as Virginia farmer Joel Salatin has observed, we put more energy into choosing who will fix our cars than who will grow our food. We at Homegrown Alabama want to know that what we put on our plates is being grown in ways to improve the health of the soil, so animals and plants can continue to be productive for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. We want to eat fruits and vegetables in season because they’re fresher, healthier and far tastier, and the variety keeps eating interesting. We want to know where our food is coming from, and we want you to know, too.